The Good Guys

Some people might get caught off guard by the fact that I tend to dwell greatly in the area of those people I don’t like. Truth be told, I’m really much more of an optimist. So to answer the call of my knightly order of men, I would like to thank the following. I look up to these people in my daily life, and their actions are truly admirable.

This list is always under construction.

GEORGE CLOONEY: George Clooney is quite simply one of the most admirable characters in Hollywood today. He is the United States Ambassador to the Sudan, and his efforts there have been astounding. He has been quite influential in the region regarding the peaceful democratic process in the creation of South Sudan. He advocates daily for the people of Darfur and other famished peoples in the country. In most of the places he visits, the residents have never even seen more then a few Hollywood movies in their lives, and they refer to him simply as “George,” the guy with the cool shoes.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: His unparalleled leadership experience with the Israeli special forces catapulted him into a position of greatness long ago. He is quick on his feet, cunning and decisive in his decisions, and he knows how to dumb down a concept for a broader audience.

JOHN PAUL II: He was the most popular Pope in centuries, and his reformations paved the way for future generations of Catholics to come to the light.

EMINEM: The man who bridged the racial divide in rap and all of hip hop. He went into the industry with his fists up and taking critical swings at those who opposed him. He is not just a white rapper. No, he is the one rapper that everyone knows.

MARK TWAIN: His ideas on the concepts of extraterritoriality and spheres of influence have been the basis of much liberal thought since the height of his career.

DOLPHINS: Some people say that dolphins are smarter on average then most human beings. They can understand lexigrams, comprehend complex ideas, and use tools to accomplish tasks.

KOKO THE GORILLA: Koko knows over 600 words and can speak in American Sign Language. Her experiment is restructuring human importance on the tree of life.

JAPANESE MACAQUES: Certain tribes of these monkeys spend most of their days lounging in natural hot springs. Who wouldn’t want to do that for the rest of their life?

EDMOND HEXLEY: The one character throughout the duration of the movie LA Confidential who does not back down from his ideals. He even convinces Kevin Spacy to join him on his quest.

GHANDI: Ghandi single handedly forced the might of the British Empire to play their hand in India, paving the way for independence.

JAMES CONNOLLEY: This man was a democratic extremist during the time of British Home rule in Ireland. He was influential in the Easter Rising rebellion and his teachings have been greatly appreciated by all Irishmen today.

WYATT HERB: The man who, along with the help of his two brothers (both of whom were murdered), took on a gang much larger than himself and succeeded in rampaging to the point where he killed every single cowboy he met. The Cowboys were a vicious gang who’s members were identified with a red sash. This man dismantled their leadership at the OK Corral, and successfully broke up the organization one by one until he succeeded in his quest to avenge his brothers.

JUDAS and THOMAS: The only apostles who actually doubted the existence of the messiah on earth. The path of Judas is probably one of the more common to be seen amongst the people of America today if Jesus were to come here.

MAXIMILLIAN KOLBE: A Catholic priest who sacrificed himself in place of a jew that he had never met in the death camps at Auswitz.

WOODROW WILSON: Founder of the League of Nations and the greatest Liberal this nation has ever seen. He truly believed that there could be an end to war, if you tried hard enough to achieve that goal and maintain the status quo of peace.

BARRACK OBAMA: His campaigns against human traffiking, terrorism, and inequality have been stark reminders to an indebted nation that the world is more than just us.

SAINT PATRICK: In the words of my Catholic Priest, Saint Patrick was a bad ass. St. Patrick was captured as a slave as a child, broke free from captivity, became a priest and evangelized the entire nation of Ireland. He also drove the snakes out of Ireland and kicked the Devil out of his abode, driving them both off to England.

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