About The Author


My name is Guylaen O’Connor, or just Guy for those who are linguistically inept. I am the Vice President of the Campus Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at Western Washington University.

I am always looking for interesting gigs – not bad gigs or uninteresting gigs or completely mind-numbingly dull gigs – but those gigs that I would find interesting. However, I dare say that you wouldn’t know if I thought your gig was interesting or not until I tell you thus. For, no one man or woman can ever attempt to understand any other man or woman with 100% accuracy. There are even certain sections of my brain in which I have completely locked off to myself.

So, if you are one of those individuals who has a gig, and wishes to pass that gig-baton off to a certain individual with skills akin to myself, then I am absolutely willing to review your gig and see if the gig jigs with my sthicilgig. If your gig can do a jig whilst entertaining the fancies of a pig wearing a wig in the back of a big rig – awesome! If your gig is more like what the pig ate for breakfast – well then you should apologize to that poor pig because he has indigestion and has been puking in the toilet for the last half hour. You know, the only cure for that is the melodic and soothing placebo effect that comes from watching a gig do a jig.

I began my journalistic career with Falcon Eye, a community newspaper based out of South Whidbey High School. I am a former member of the Washington Journalism Education Association, and have traveled all around the country attending conferences and showcases specifically designed for the journalist in me. I have also volunteered for the Langley Center for New Media and FusionSpark Media as a student learner.

In 2011 I graduated from South Whidbey High School and was accepted into Western Washington University. I was recruited relatively concurrently by the Army National Guard and sent to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to become a Combat Engineer.

I have been actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America, National Youth Leadership Training, and the Knights of Columbus. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2010, and it was one of the greatest experiences in my life.

This blog is just a bunch of my random thoughts in word form – if you have any complaints, I don’t really care, because I’m not looking for an audience. I don’t find any appeal to negative trolling, so don’t bother. (Anonymous, don’t even try it). This is my version of me time, so, if you like the real me, great.


I like words. A lot. Les paroles sont belles. Words to me are a lot like ingredients for a chef. A true chef does not use a measuring cup, a true chef knows the value in the cup of his hand, the pinch of his fingers, and the kneading of his knuckles. Words can be used to sculpt a great masterpiece of intangible value to a civilization, but they can also be used to incite the most vicious hatred in the universe. However, even though I have this adoring relationship with words, I also do not proclaim myself to be perfect.

YOU MIGHT NOTICE that there are quite a bit of grammatical errors on this site. Little things like “if” being spelt without the letter “i.” Sometimes you’ll see a blank spot where a word is supposed to be. On the extremely odd fortnight, you might notice the absence of an entire story. Since I do not have an editor per se, I do not hold myself accountable for all of my shortcomings and acts of language terrorism. First and foremost, I like to write.

If you are someone who likes words as much as I do, perhaps you can help me. Help me correct myself. Help me pick myself up and brush the bullshit off of my shoulders. I AM A HUMAN BEING.

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