When Theory Becomes Approach

We all remember the time when we were in primary education, and the teacher told us about the “scientific method.” Most Americans have become automatically predisposed to approaching the world in this way. In this method, we are taught to differentiate between fact, theory, and observation. These are strikingly different concepts and we are all aware of the dissimilarities existent. There is something that many people forgo, however, over time and through complacency. That is the difference between using a theory as simply a theory, and using it as an approach to all else. Therin lies our ever-most complexity.

I feel kind of like an imp when I revert to mainstream concepts and ideas to fall back upon in instruction, but my own are immeasurably worse in concept, so I am not going to mention them.

Gravity. It exists, and there is no question in it except for the theoretical. And yet we all admit that planes fly, and birds glide, and bats do whatever they do to keep afloat on the currents of air in the ocean of sky. Is this ultimately evident to the contrary of popular belief? Well, that’s where physics comes in. The laws of gravity and motion and blah, blah, blah.

Where the hell is the fun in that? An extremely wise man once told me that good people never grow up, that they only learn how to act in public. In this I firmly believe. Very much so.

With gravity we are limited to our fundamental notion that everything falls back down to the earth at some point. Why does it have to? Who says so? At some point in time I should believe that my friend Timmothy Crossan is still out there, somewhere, flying among the stars and leaping with ninjas. That the lifeless mortal body they picked up off of the tennis court here last year is simply the physical manifestation of someone who is truly free, not the body of someone who gave up. If I ever knew him, I would tell you that he was not the type of person to give up so easily.

Gravity, you say? I say go prove it, and I will tell you about the flight of the condors. Prove to me that condors truly are not among the freest animals on earth and how they haven’t actually learned how to dominate a frontier that you and I are limited in knowledge of. Prove to me that spirits do not defy gravity every day. I will be waiting.

I Am A Human Being

What is humanity? It has been defined as the able to differentiate between what you perceive and perception itself. The most common example is that a human being can perceive a unicorn in its mind, but we know that we have never seen a unicorn before. But the very definition of humanity is coming dangerously close to changing, due to the previously unknown abilities of great apes.

I, like many celebrities of an era since long gone, have fallen head-over-heels for the appeal of the talking gorilla known as Koko. Koko was taught to speak in American Sign Language and has the working vocabulary of a five year old human child. But that’s all she needs. She can express sadness, happiness, anger, and has a great capacity for curiosity. She knows the differences between green and red. She knows the names of her family. Koko, it can be considered, is a reflection into the barbaric soul of the common.

“I want to believe,” is the proline of the popular culture television phenomenon of the 1990’s called the X Files. It describes the natural emotional attachment to a particular idea. Ideas like anthropomorphism, UFO’s, Angels, Demons, and Bigfoot. Grouped together these ideas seem so far fetched, and yet by themselves they seem to emit some sort of intellectual attraction.

A sense of intrigue and mystery.

In the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, when the main character finds out the Earth was built by mice, he refers to his feeling that there was always something bigger than the Earth. That there were always other people out there. The lead architect of the Earth project responds “Oh, that’s just normal paranoia. Everyone in the universe gets that.”

Scientists, those commoners among us who like to ask questions of the natural and mechanical world(s) around them, have for the most part tried to avoid forming an emotional attachment with a certain particular. But in the field of primatology considering wether or not these close relatives emote and rationalize in the same way that humans do, not many can pursue a valid position in this field without developing some sort of emotional attachment to the subjects. Ultimately, this might be what these apes need.

There are a few different explanations for this human-like behavior exhibited by the Great Apes and many other primates (Dolphins, Polar Bears, Wild Dogs, and many other animals have also been documented acting in characteristic ways, but they are evolutionarily further removed from humans then our closest living relatives of the primate order).

The first reason is that these non-human primates ancestrally share many commonalities with human beings. This is the most widely accepted theory based on and adding to the theory of evolution.

Another reason, not commonly accepted, is based upon the first book of the Old Testament, which proclaims that since God created all creatures on Earth for the enjoyment and use by man, that the underlying wish of the majority of human beings is that we don’t want to be alone. Since we don’t want to be alone, then the Lord provided for us the chance to be able to actually communicate with our close relatives.

The third reason, one of which I have theorized, but do not necessarily believe, is based upon the notion that evolution works both ways. Humans tend to think optimistically, it’s in our nature that on a whole we strive to be greater. And so we have formatted the theory of evolution to fit our generalized understanding that evolution is purely for the advancement of species. Perhaps, however, the great apes and those other non-human primate relatives of ours were actually former honinidae, cursed forever after because of their actions to inhabit the minds and bodies of barbaric beasts.

I repeat, what is humanity? I think humanity is the ability to keep a set of core values close to the heart.

The Secular Faith

I was having a challenging debate with one of my peers the other day over a cup of hot tea as to the concept of faith, and what it truly means to have faith in anything. Many people today would mentally antiquate (yawn) this debate on the notion that religion has something to do with it. That religion and faith are synonymous. But, as with many of my debates in semantics, this notion is wrong. We, as free citizens, must halt the degradation of words by firmly upholding their definition and calling out those who would seek to do them injustice. Those people who honestly believe that the only rice in the world is white, and that yellow is the only color of corn.
Faith, by its only real definition, has to do with a great belief in something that can not be proven. Faith in God has been a great example of such. But it has only been an example, nothing more. When it comes to faith, even those who have claimed to have “lost all faith” still have faith in something.
For example, Faith in alcohol is a common form of faith amongst many around the world. Modern science provides us with great measurements in depression, fatalities, anger, psychosis, etc. that have been the direct result of alcohol consumption. But those who choose to consume (excluding those addicted to the substance) are choosing to put faith in the “healing” power of the poison in which they consume. This faith is so powerful today that the Obama Administration has chosen to market its own brand of beer called “White House Ale.”
Faith in government is another popular form of faith. It doesn’t matter whether you are a greedy American or a Socialist Bonaparte from the Chinese interior, you are going to find faithful companions at every level of every government. People who are more then patriotic, but not always blindly submissive.
Even most Atheists that I have known have been extremely faithful to their notions.
Evidently, I summarize that Faith is in no way a solely religious phenomenon. Faith is much more than that. In fact, I believe it to be atrocious to circumnavigate the inanimate nature of the word. It not a word which conveys morality, causality, or emotion. It simply is. So, my advice to all of you catechism-smuggling, atheism-doping assholes is to lay off it. Go fly a kite, unless you don’t have faith in gravity, then i’d say go jump off a cliff.

Where my O2 at?

It’s called low dissolved oxygen levels. That’s what’s happening in a few bodies of water around here in Puget Sound (that’s south of the Straits of Georgia for you Canadian people).

So, what is dissolved oxygen? It is the oxygen levels that are naturally occurring in water; both fresh and salt water. These oxygen levels are inversely related to temperature. When it gets hot out, bacteria and algae are better able to spread and multiply. This means that when the organisms die, the oxygen gets thrown to the surface of the water.

When this happens, the dissolved oxygen levels go down. Aquatic life need large levels of dissolved oxygen to live.

There is a large problem in Holmes Harbour, north of Freeland, Washington, and Hood Canal.

What I propose is a large pipe, going from the floor all the way up to above the surface of the water. Put a pump in it, and send air down to the bottom of the Sound. Just like a fish tank. Why don’t we do something like this?

What do an Old Man and Nigeria have in common? Dick Cheney, of course!

The nation of Nigeria has recently charged Dick Cheney for bribery involving the U.S. based Halliburton Company while Cheney was still serving as its top official.

This case can be looked at through many viewpoints.

Nigeria, first of all, is a country that has seen itself come to be known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Taking this large step to create an entire department in government that exsists to stop corruption is a big step. According to Transparency International, Nigeria now ranks as 134th in the list of most corrupt countries in the world – that’s bassically backwards, by the way. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being the worst), Nigeria ranks at a 2.4. Transparency Report, 2010

Dick Cheney was arguably the most famous Vice President in recent history. It is a fact that he is responsible for bringing about the evolution of the Vice Presidency position to its current status. He made the position more important than at any other time in history. He created the idea that the Vice President was the number two for everything, and I think he did a good job.

We all remember how much trouble Dick got into during his stint in the White House, right? His stint began in 1969 as Donald Rumsfeld’s personal assistant. Cheney would run errands for Rumsfeld, who was then Gerald Ford’s Chief Of Staff. Which is probably where he got the idea that the President wasn’t the only one in the White House who makes decisions…

Halliburton is a U.S. based company that specializes in manufacturing energy resources. Their current expeditions include Shale Natural Gas, Deep Water Drilling, Heavy Oil, and what is now called “clean” Energy.

I want to take you back to the last time Dick Cheney faced allegations for endangering somebody’s life. It was during Summer Break two years ago, while we were still concerned with the White house wire tapping scandal. The Vice President had shot an old man in the face. Anderson Cooper actually made a diagram that pointed out just how long he would have had to be aiming in one direction to make that shot.

Now, the government of Nigeria (that’s an entire country) is blaming Dick for bribery. It involves $180 million, so I think he isn’t going to squeeze his way out of this one. The case goes back a decade, to when Dick was still a top official at Halliburton, before he had ever become VP of one of the least corrupt nations in the world.

Dick Cheney was CEO from 1995 to 2000.

Allegations of bribery also include the CEO’s of four other major oil producing corporations. The charges are in response to allegations that the companies paid $180 million as bribes to Nigerian government officials between 1994 and 2004 to secure a $6 billion gas plant contract.

The four businesses are;

KBR – itself a former subsidiary of Halliburton,

Paris-based Technip, Snamprogetti SpA,

a unit of Rome-based Eni,

and JGC in Tokyo.

Will the world ever get the time to take a break from the big fat Dick?