Insult and Injury Make for a Dose of Pain Killers

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in Dover, NH.

Recently, I was presented with a question as to why I referred to Sarah Palin, the former Vice-Presidential Candidate as having Bi-Polar disorder on my page, Antonymically Correct. As you – my fellow readers – know, this is the page where I list those people, ideas, and institutions of whom I have little regard for professionally. On this page, I wrote the following statement in complaining about Sarah Palin:

She’s obviously bipolar, manic, and stupid.”

If I have offended anyone with this statement – I’ll just say now that that was kind of the point. I wanted people to get angry, pissed off, upset, and maybe even teary-eyed over this. I wanted people to get up and throw their political affiliations at the wall and play pin-the-tail-on-the-weathergirl with a picture of Sarah Palin. I wanted people to go to the windows and shout at the top of their lungs “FUCK POLITICS!” My intention was to pervay my own rational thought process about Sarah Palin upon the mass throng of Americana.

But I am not Howard Beale.

I wrote this page a while ago, expecting that somebody would read it and have responded to it by now, but no one did. So, I assumed that nobody had any problems with the way that I was insulting certain individuals. And if they did, they certainly weren’t telling me about it. Or, perhaps, nobody was reading anything except for what was on the front page of my blog.

To be honest, I was half-expecting one of the disciples of the Catholic faith, or an Anon hacker to respond to my insults about them before anyone responded to me about a single word I used to describe Sarah Palin.

I would like to clear the air about this whole bi-polar disorder and Sarah Palin issue.

The whole thing started when a book about the 2008 Presidential Campaign called GAME CHANGE was released. In the book, twenty five specific adjectives or phrases were mentioned to describe the extremes mood swings of Palin, which had been observed by members of the McCain campaign. These observances made by the campaign staff led to the inferred idea that Sarah Palin could possibly have bipolar disorder. During one of the closed door meetings of campaign personnel one staffer is reported to have asked “do you think she’s bi-polar?”

This line was used in the HBO movie version of the book by the same name. The movie GAME CHANGE is played by an all-star cast, including Julianne Moore as Palin, Woody Harrelson as Steve Schmidt, and Ed Harris as John McCain.

So, it has been floating in the air that Sarah Palin could possibly have bi-polar disorder ever since she was on the campaign. Here is what a certain P.H.D. in Clinical Psychology (who shall remain unnamed) said about the situation.

…it’s possible that she has a Bipolar Spectrum Disorder. It’s impossible to know without having direct contact and additional information. My impression is that she is more personality disordered than anything; she exhibits multiple traits consistent with Cluster B personality disorders (e.g. Narcissistic PD, Borderline PD, Histrionic PD, Antisocial PD).”

Since I know that none of you can read hospital, I’ll dumb this down for you; this doctor is saying that he has never met Palin, so he can’t know anything for sure. But what he can say is that from the few observances that he’s made, and the limited studying that he’s done as to her peculiar and unstatesmanly conduct, is that he doesn’t believe that she has bi-polar disorder. He thinks that she has something more of a split personality disorder, rather than bi-polar.

All of this goes to show that the jury is still out on what type of mental disorder to diagnose Sarah Palin with, but most officials agree that she does emit many of the traits and symptoms of many different kinds.

So, before I say what I’ve been meaning to say, I want you all to logically think about Sarah Palin. About Bipolar disorder, and about what the significance is that it might have had on your life so far. The BBR foundation says that over 2 million Americans have bipolar disorder. Do you know anyone with bipolar disorder?

I don’t think the question is why did I say that Sarah Palin had bipolar disorder, there is plenty of evidence available to conclude that she could possibly have the disorder;

the real question should have been “why did I use it in such an insulting demeanor?”

Am I insulting all people with bipolar disorder by saying the word “stupid” in the same sentence? NOT AT ALL. One of my sisters was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was in high school. One of my best friends has bipolar disorder. A girl I almost went out with one time had bipolar disorder. This disorder is simply a label that humanity uses to classify and categorize the less desirable of their ranks. Its something that we do to keep ourselves safe from the effort of having to deal with other people on a daily basis. In my opinion, mental disorders should not have broad categories – I think that we should write a DSM for every single individual on the planet, and that should be the job of the primary Clinic or mental care facility.

The people that I know who have bipolar disorder do not exhibit any form of stupidity at all. One is a straight-A student – at Harvard, and the others I have known my whole life. They do not drive me angry or push me against the wall, ever.

But Sarah Palin does. She is stupid. And when the campaign advisors had to TRAIN HER WITH FLASH CARDS about foreign policy, they had serious doubts as to how she had become the candidate for Vice President. But they didn’t alert McCain about these doubts until it was far too late and the damage had been done.

And so for my mistake in grammar only, I profusely apologise. But I hope it is clear now that Sarah Palin probably has a mental disorder of some sort, and it might be bipolar spectrum disorder.

I have updated my the page where this issue stemmed from. To be honest, this is the page where I am expecting a LOT of flak. So please, throw me some comments and I will read them in time. THANK YOU.

Is this just a headache?

Four days ago I started getting these intense headaches. I have thought of everything – maybe it was the water that I drank down in Hermiston when I went to visit my mother. The water smelled and tasted like corn, you know. Maybe it was some of the food I ate out in Seattle last week. Maybe I have cholera. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

In this case, I have no certainties. I don’t know what I’ve come down with – but I think that I can guess. It’s like I’m walking down the cafeteria at the school, and I’m having a hard time walking in a straight line. I’m irritable, extremely irritable by the fourth day. I’m able to do things, but I just want this headache to go away!

It’s Friday. The day that I have everything to be thankful for. The day that I’m supposed to be happy about because I get to party all night long – but I don’t feel like partying. I am not getting a good grade in my chemistry class, because I haven’t done any of the homework this week. It’s one of my coolest classes, though.

My dad suggested that my headaches might be a result of my bad posture, but I don’t think that is it. Besides, my fatigue just makes me want to bend over and look at the floor – because it is so uncomfortable sitting upright. Could it be that my bed is getting to be too small for me, I really don’t think so.

I remember getting a bloody nose in the middle of the night when I went to visit my mother two days after Thanksgiving – and that was really concerning. That night, I had trouble sleeping and I had the same type of in-sleep headache that I had a few weeks earlier.

The earlier event was on a Saturday, and I remember it was ten o’clock in the morning and I had to pull my pillow over my eyes because the sunlight hitting my eyelids hurt so much.
Anyways, back in Hermiston, I got really flushed under the covers and I felt all the blood going to my face. I had to get up, and that’s when I got a drink of that really weird smelling water – I got it out of the kitchen faucet, however, which had a filter on it. I don’t think it’s the water, because I had had some of that same water when I helped my mom move in with my great grandmother this summer, and nothing eventful came from that.

I remember the night of my nose bleed, however, I had gone to see the movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part One at the Destiny Theatre in Hermiston. I wanted a snack because I was going to see a movie in a theatre, but I didn’t want any popcorn, because I didn’t want to spend half an hour brushing out the kernels from my teeth when I went back to the house. So, I got some licorice. I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing at one sitting, but I didn’t feel like eating it all the next day when it went stale and froze out in my car, so I ate it all up on the way home.

When I got to the house, I realized that it was ten thirty at night, and that I shouldn’t of eaten all of the box just then, because I had to go to bed, and hit the road early the next morning. Then, when I was sleeping, that’s when I got that nose bleed.

So. I came back home and I spent a whole bunch of days with money in my wallet. I thought that I might as well buy a candy bar on my way to school in the mornings before I got down to the peek of my limit on expenses. A couple of days, though, I also bought one in the afternoon.

Then I got a note that I had to pay twenty dollars for my car charger for my cell phone, so I thought that was my warning that I should stop spending. I payed the money, and I put the rest of my money in a safe spot.

In between then and about four days ago was fin, I didn’t have any problems.
Then, I got a headache in the middle of the night again, on a Tuesday. I had gone to bed at eight o’clock that night, and I got up at six thirty.

That same headache has lasted me till today, when I finally agreed that I might have to make an appointment with my doctor. My appointment is now set for Monday when school gets out. The pain pills are doing me fine for the moment, but I think that this might be something that is out of my control.

Every time I eat something with a lot of sugar, the headache gets worse. I have a difficult time seeing things in the distance, but I’ve had perfect vision since birth. I think I have diabetes, but I really don’t want to think about it.