A year ago when I got my wisdom teeth pulled, I used the notes application on my iPhone to communicate with the person who took me to and from the surgeon that pulled my teeth, because I had a mouth full of cotton and my words wouldn’t have made sense anyways. I recently discovered my forgotten communiques, and I offer them up to the internets for your enjoyment. Keep in mind that this is only one side of the conversation.

The problem is that I can’t even feel my tongue

Any paperwork issues?

Thanks for this

That was about an hour yeah?

Cool. I’ve already seen the good the bad the ugly, but thanks.

So, I don’t know about this whole x house thing. That was just the first couch I could think of.

That’s enough time to launch an invasion into Russia.

My mouth is so dry.

Make sure it’s okay with the guys, cause I didn’t really ask.


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